Stop Damage

No downtime during a cyber attack.
Protect operations against ransomware
and malicious data destruction.


We specialize in blocking high-stakes tactics


RansomSnare prevents untrusted programs from encrypting data, even against “zero-day” ransomware. Get immediate protection with no signatures, machine learning updates, or complex configuration. Our micro agent uses an unnoticeable amount of resources and works offline.


WiperSnare detects and stops wiping malware that corrupts and deletes files rendering hard drives useless. Using the same micro-agent as RansomSnare, it works immediately and does not need signatures or machine learning updates, and works 100% offline!


CobaltStrike beacons have become the tool of choice for hackers because of the capabilities they can leverage. Detect and remove beacons quickly on your endpoints. Don’t let attackers gain a foothold in your organization.


Works With Your Threat Detection and Response

SecuritySnares has developed sensors or “snares” that sit alongside existing security products (EDR to XDR). We stop ransomware from working by killing the process as it attempts to encrypt the very first file. Effective even offline, as it does not need signatures, machine learning, or behavioral analysis.

It can stand alone, send information to a web console, or integrate with your SOC/SIEM/SOAR tools.

Our Differentiation

Immediately Stop Damage

SecuritySnares brings a focused approach to detect and prevent. While others boil-the-ocean by trying to identify, learn, and respond to every possible malware variant (banking trojans, first stage downloaders, exploit identification, mouse jigglers, etc.), we provide preventative protection against high-stakes attacks that disrupt operations, keep Board Directors awake at night, and get CISOs fired. 

Our specialized snares provide the process details so threat detection and response can investigate and remove offending files.

  • \Protects while your vulnerabilities are still being patched.
  • \Works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • \Supports unsupported legacy Windows and OT environments that lack connectivity.
  • \ Protects when recovering from backups.


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