Global Service Integrators (GSIs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

At SecuritySnares, we partner with the world’s leading consulting and services partners.

Our products are designed to work seamlessly “out of the box,” integrated into your products, and as a part of your fully managed security solutions.

We are here to protect your clients while making it easier for you.

  • \No need to replace existing products: make your existing security stack better!
  • \Fast install, no reboot, no updates, no down time for clients.
  • \Works with your clients’ legacy software and security tools.
  • \Works on unsupported operating systems.
  • \APIs allow for deeper integration to SIEM, SOAR and SOC workflows.

Our partners provide integrated consulting and managed services worldwide, protecting their clients from business disruption.

Our Global Systems Integrators, Managed Service providers are a key part of our global ecosystem of trusted, enabled, strategic partners. With the ability to scale globally across every industry, we leverage our combined strengths to deliver comprehensive and innovative joint solutions, powered by SecuritySnares.

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